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Full Text: Anthropos, 103.2008

Anthropos 103.2008 
Abbink, Jon: “Cannibalism” in Southern Ethiopia. 
An Exploratory Case Study of Me’en Discourse 3 
Adekunle, Julius O.: The Wasangari. Politics 
and Identity in Borgu 435 
Amborn, Hermann: Dr. Freud Was Not a Kafa. 
A Classical Case of Anthropological Overinter 
pretation from Ethiopia 15 
Astor-Aguilera, Miguel, and Robert Jarven- 
pa: Comparing Indigenous Pilgrimages. Devo 
tion, Identity, and Resistance in Mesoamerica and 
North America 483 
Barnes, R.H.: The Power of Strangers in Flores 
and Timor 343 
Bednarik, R. G.: cf. Sreenathan, M., V. R. Rao, 
and R. G. Bednarik 
Ben Hounet, Yazid: Valorisation d’objets bé 
douins et redéfinitions identitaires lors d’un mous- 
sem en Algérie 423 
Bourdier, Frédéric: Indigenous Populations in 
a Cultural Perspective. The Paradox of Develop 
ment in Southeast Asia 355 
Brinkei, Teresa: Forschende im Fokus. Zu den 
Potentialen und Problemen der Wissensforschung 
in den Kulturwissenschaften 527 
Ceyssens, Rik: L’héritage de Santwala. Un récit 
de vie 459 
Cipolletti, María Susana: “Nostalgia del monte”. 
Indígenas del Oriente peruano según un manuscri 
to del jesuíta Juan Magnin (Borja 1743) .... 507 
Fraser, Adrian: cf. Prescod, Paula, and Adrian 
Gibbs, Philip, and Josepha Junnie Wailoni: 
Sorcery among the Plains Arapesh 149 
Hahn, Hans Peter: Diffusionism, Appropriation, 
and Globalization. Some Remarks on Current 
Debates in Anthropology 191 
Jarvenpa, Robert: cf. Astor-Aguilera, Miguel, 
and Robert Jarvenpa 
Jensen, Jürgen: Ethnographische Datenerfas 
sung, Dokumentation und Beschreibung bei Pietro 
Deila Valle (1586-1652) (Fortsetzung) .... 179 
Kneitz, Peter: Im Land “dazwischen”. Die Sa- 
kalava-Königreiche von Ambongo und Mailaka 
(westliches Madagaskar, 17.-19. Jahrhundert) . 33 
Knörr, Jacqueline: Indigenisierung versus Re- 
Ethnisierung. Chinesische Identität in Jakarta . 159 
Lane, Paul J.: The Social Production and Sym 
bolism of Cloth and Clothing among the Dogon 
of Mali 77 
Notermans, Catrien: Local and Global Icons 
of Mary. An Ethnographie Study of a Powerful 
Symbol 471 
Prescod, Paula, and Adrian Fraser: A Demolin- 
guistic Profile of St. Vincent and the Grenadines 
or a Successful Attempt at Linguistic Disenfran 
chisement 99 
Rao, V.R.:cf. Sreenathan, M., V.R. Rao, and 
R. G. Bednarik 
Rivière, Claude: Le vêtement en Afrique noire 
et ailleurs 65 
Schweitzer de Palacios, Dagmar: Shamanes, 
bellezas y Copa Mundial. De la selva al campo 
de fùtbol 127 
Senft, Gunter: The Case: The Trobriand Is 
landers vs H. P. Grice. Kilivila and the Gricean 
Maxims of Quality and Manner 139 
Shryock, Andrew: Thinking about Hospitality, 
with Derrida, Kant, and the Balga Bedouin . . 405 
Sow, Ibrahima: Les troubles mentaux au Sénégal. 
Existence éthique et problématique de l’identité 447 
Spät, Eszter: Religious Oral Tradition and Liter 
acy among the Yezidis of Iraq 393 
Sreenathan, M., V. R. Rao, and R. G. Bednarik: 
Palaeolithic Cognitive Inheritance in Aesthetic 
Behavior of the Jarawas of the Andaman Islands 367 
Thylefors, Markel: “Modernizing God” in Hai 
tian Vodou? Reflections on Olowoum and Reaf- 
ricanization in Haiti 113 
Wailoni, Josepha Junnie; cf. Gibbs, Philip, and 
Josepha Junnie Wailoni 
Berichte und Kommentare 
Dannhaeuser, Norbert: Financial Self-Help 
Organizations and Social Security. A Review Ar 
ticle 221 
Forth, Gregory: Friarbird on Roti 541 
Hamer, John H.: Natural Objects Transformed 
into Symbolic Meaning among the Sidäma of 
Northeast Africa 203 
Quack, Anton: Anthropology and Missionaries. 
A Review Essay 560

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