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Full Text: Anthropos, 69.1974

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M., Morphophonemics as Semiotic (29-49). - Lass, R., Strategic Design as the Motivation 
for a Sound Shift: The Rationale of Grimm’s Law (51-66). - Miller, J., Some Remarks 
on Mood and Aspect in Russian (67-89). - Newman, J., Levelling in the German Verb 
Paradigm (91-100). - Aoki, H., Reconstruction and Reality: A Case of Japanese Vowels 
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of Anopheles Balabacensis Balabacensis and Anopheles minimus to DDT Residual 
Spraying in Thailand (129-164). - Mukwaya, L. G., Horst Preference of Aedes (Stegomy- 
nia) Mosquitoes in Uganda. Studies on Indoor and Outdoor Biting and Resting Behaviour 
with Special Reference to Aedes aegypti L. (165-176). 
Africa (London). 44. 1974. 2. 
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as Symbolic Expression of Divisions in the Hima Camp (136-150). - Zempleni-Rabain, J., 
Expression de l’agressivité et processus de médiation dans la socialisation de l’enfant 
wolof (Sénégal) (151-162). - Rayfield, J. R., Theories of Urbanization and the Colonial 
City in West Africa (163-185). - Wyllie, R. W., Pastors and Prophets in Winneba, Ghana: 
Their Social Background and Career Development (186-193). 
Africa-Tervuren (Tervuren). 
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occidental. République du Zaïre (1) (85-96). — 20. 1974. 1. Ceyssens, R., Les masques en 
bois des Kete du Sud, région du Kasaï occidental, République du Zaïre (2) (3-12). - 
2. Biebuyck, D., Analyse contextuelle du rite mukumbi chez les Lega (30-38). - Ganse- 
mans, J., Polifone vormen in Centraal-Afrika (39-42). 
African Affairs (London). 73. 1974. 
290. Good, K., Settler Colonialism in Rhodesia (10-36). - Henderson, W., Indepen 
dent Botswana: A Reappraisal of Foreign Policy Options (37-49). - O’Connor, E., Con

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