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Full Text: Anthropos, 77.1982

Geographical Index 
South Africa 
Preisgedichte aus Namibia 919. 
Boiling Energy 942—944. 
Shona Praise Poetry 295—296. 
The Past in the Present 945. 
The Americas 
Das Geheimnis des Drachenschwanzes 
Agricultural Terracing 304—306. 
Icon and Conquest 919—920. 
North America 
Neue Sonne — Neues Licht 958—959. 
Aleut and Eskimo Art 297—298. 
Arctic Art 298. 
Harpoons of the Eskimo 276. 
The Shamanistic Complex Among the 
Netsilik and Iglulik 596. 
Haida Culture 952-953. 
Wissenschaftstheorie in der Ethnologie 
Oyotunji Village 298-300. 
Bottles on the Western Frontier 596- 
Ritual Clowns of the Crow 892—895. 
Ceremonies of the Pawnee 955—956. 
Algonquian Conferences 276. 
Indianisches Wörterbuch 920. 
The Haptic Experience of Culture 351 
Das Buch der Hopi 959-960. 
Spider Woman Stories 300-301. 
I^Ppet Ceremonial OVY-» nncf the H 
Mexican Masks 277—278. 
A Huichole Burial 269—271. 
“We Come to Object” 956—957. 
South America 
Seclusion Huts 449—460. 
Suriname 616—617. 
La langue wayapi 597. 
Antes o mundo nao existia 960—963. 
Ceramic Sequence in Colima 278. 
The Masked Media 957-958. 
Near and Middle East 
Armenische Märchen 921—922. 
Israeli Humor 921. 
Hebrew and Maltese 895—896. 
Bedouin Religious Practices 65—88. 
Arabia and the Central Indian Ocean 
Archipelagoes 278—279. 
Maltese, an Arabic Dialect 896—897. 
Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäo 
logie 963—964. 
Origins of Horse Riding 244—249. 
Bildzauber im alten Mesopotamien 27— 
Der Gottesname Ja 597. 
Gilgamesch und Enkidu 309—310. 
Nomades baxtyäri d’Iran 922. 
Schmuck in Afghanistan 310—311. 
Interaction in Afghanistan 397—420. 
Kafiren, Nuristani, Darden 254—263. 
Feste in Ladakh 311—312. 
Ethnographie von Dardistan 622—623. 
t among the Hopi 163 
Lévi-Strauss, Freud, and the Trickster 596. 
Caves of the Point of Pines Region 277. 
American Tribal Religions 920. 
Sacred Words 953-955. 
Initiation Rites and the Status of Women 
The Durango South Project 277. 
Central America 
Witchcraft and Pre-Columbian Paper 617. 
Las Civilizaciones Anticuas de América 
Christianity in India 597—598. 
Elite and Development 618—619. 
India: Past into Present 921. 
„Indien und die Dualorganisation“ 134— 
Family Planning in India 306—307. 
Women, Androgynes, and Other Mythical 
Beasts 620-622. 
Indische Spielkarten 598. 
Man and Mongoose in Indian Culture 
The Water Buffalo 215—238. 
Kinship Rules 851—8

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