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Contributor: Bremi, Johann HeinrichAeschines
Place of Publication: Turici
Publisher: Ziegler
Author: Aeschines
Number of volumes: 2
Contributor: Reiske, Johann JacobDemosthenesAeschines
Place of Publication: Lipsiae
Publisher: Sommerus
Author: Aeschines
Number of volumes: 12
Contributor: DemosthenesAeschinesBekker, Immanuel
Place of Publication: Hala Saxoniae
Year of Publication: 1815
Call Number: Vx 28511:F8
Author: Aeschines
Contributor: AeschinesDemosthenesRaumer, Friedrich von
Place of Publication: Berlin
Publisher: Hitzig
Year of Publication: 1811
Call Number: Vx 28871:F8
Author: Aeschines