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Contributor: AristotelesMichelet, Karl Ludwig
Place of Publication: Berlin
Publisher: Schlesinger
Author: Aristoteles
Number of volumes: 2
Contributor: AristotelesHaus, Jakob Josef von
Place of Publication: Panormi
Publisher: Typis regiis
Year of Publication: 1815
Call Number: Vu 11653:F8
Author: Aristoteles
Contributor: AristotelesSchneider, Johann Gottlob
Place of Publication: Lipsiae
Publisher: Fleischer
Year of Publication: 1815
Call Number: Vu 9030:F8
Author: Aristoteles
Contributor: AristotelesGöttling, Karl Wilhelm
Place of Publication: Ienae
Publisher: Croecker
Year of Publication: 1824
Call Number: Vu 4640:F8
Author: Aristoteles